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Context Switching

- 26 November 2017

Whence Softmax?

- 3 August 2017

Machine Learning

Whence Softmax?

3 August 2017
A probabilistic derivation of the Softmax classifier

Neural Networks (2) - Basics

4 January 2015
How neural network architecture might be useful

Neural Networks (1) - Why

20 December 2014
Why machine learning, and how neural networks fit into the overall picture

An Introduction to Hidden Markov Models

17 November 2014
What are hidden markov models? How do they work, and what problems can they help solve?

An Exploration of Basic Probability - Counting & Expectation

2 November 2014
In the first part of this series, I look at probability as counting, and expectation with non-numeric events. Can you tell me the expected value of red and blue?


Quotient Groups - Introduction

25 March 2015
Armed with some terminology, we now explore some more interesting concepts in group theory, notably quotient groups

Abstract Groups

26 February 2015
Groups are a fundamental, fascinating mathematical object. Everybody should be exposed to their study. Here I offer a very gentle introduction


Social Economics

6 May 2017
The economic dynamics of future cities

Crypto Concerns

9 February 2015
Thoughts on existing limitations with Bitcoin-like cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Basics

17 January 2015
A brief presentation of fundamental concepts in the Bitcoin network


Things I Learnt Building a Team

3 April 2018
A preliminary general theory of organisations

Context Switching

26 November 2017
A curious connection between context switching and being judgemental

On Ephemerality & Knowledge

3 June 2016
How can knowledge and achievement be viewed through the lens of stocks and flows?

Revealed Preference

29 January 2016
Quick thought on decision making through revealed preference


10 November 2015
A note on accomplishing (great) things

Haskell at Work

12 September 2015
Is an intellectually challenging programming paradigm a good or bad thing for a company?

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