Technologist, Learner, Homosapien

I'm Misrab, a 29 year-old graduate of Stanford University. I grew up in Singapore, went to the French school, and have lived in California and London.

Please feel free to check out what I've worked and played on, or drop me an email at faizullah.misrab@gmail.com.

"My father once told me, 'Son, you can play for applause, but then that's all you'll get'."
- A philosopher of Jazz



This was an online educational platform I built with three friends. It allowed users to create little multimedia slideshows called "neurons" that would naturally connect to each other!

Interlude Chat

I felt like web browsing lacked live interaction, and wanted to play with socket.io. With this app, webmasters can simply add one line of javascript to their site, and users browsing the same page can instantly chat with each other, and more!

Machine Learning

Three classmates and I built systems to recognise spoken language, including a Support Vector Machine, Mixtures of Gaussians and an Artificial Neural Network. We were able to distinguish languages with pretty high accuracy!

Auction Design

Automated, extremely high-frequency auctions are prevalent on the web today. Here I analyze exchanges in online advertising, and the incentives that affect bidding mechanisms.

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